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  • Copy of Passport (if ready)
  • Notary verified & Attested copies of Higher Secondary School Certificate (10+2)
  • The Application  form duly filled and duly signed by the  student and his/her parents/guardian
  • 10 recent coloured passport size photographs


  • Provides training in the  Russian language for a minimum duration of 8 months. (In case of Russian Medium)
  • Trains selected candidates offering them  higher education at the M.D (Doctor of Medicine) level as a general practitioner with the following specializations: Therapy, Paediatrics and Dentistry.
  • Gives Reading   Halls,  Library,  Sports   Halls  and   other recreational   and   training   facilities   similar   to Russian/Ukrainian students.
  • Provides  Residential  facilities  of  different  categories  in  furnished hostels for the whole period of training with or without wifi internet.
  • Helps the students travelling to the Russian federation / Ukraine with VISA formalities and with local registration process.

Note : The selected students should make  their  own  arrangements to obtain a passport in time to secure admission and further processing of both admission and travel.


This course  is required  for all international students who have  chosen  the Russian medium as the medium of instruction for their degree programme. For all students,  opting to study  in Russian medium, a  preparatory faculty  in Russian language  is required  in the first year. This is the  year  where  the knowledge of the Russian language is provided along with the other technical subjects connected with his studies, like Chemistry  / Biology / Physics or Maths. After the successful completion of the preparatory faculty, students join the medical course. After having successfully completed their academic programme, students are awarded  the Medical degree in the field of General Medicine.


All  students who wish to study  in English Medium should be proficient in English to attend the visa interview in English at the Ukrainian Embassy and to pass  a  English language  test upon  arrival at the  University. International students will be admitted to the first academic year based on the certificate of secondary  education.

Students  admitted into this programme  will undertake courses in English simultaneously  with the  systematic study of the Russian language. It gives an opportunity  for students to overcome  the language barrier at the beginning and to learn Russian   at a less intensive pace. The disciplines and examinations in the final 3 years (4th-6th year)   including the clinical studies at local hospitals and clinics will be conducted in Russian in Medical Universities in Russia. Students are therefore required to be proficient in the Russian language so that they are able to gain the most out of their higher education in Russia. Alternatively, Ukrainian Medical Universities boasts of a full 6 years English Medium course.


In most Russian / Ukrainian universities and institutes, the class size generally tend to be small with a student teacher ratio of 10:1, to give students a more attentive and personal learning environment. The main aim of such close interaction between  teacher and students is to encourage  students to  take an active role through class participation.

The teaching methods for classes may vary depending on the demands of the degree but for medical education involve practical sessions, theory, lectures, and individual research projects and group projects. These classroom environments and teaching methods  are monitored  by the  respective Universitie's heads  and continuously improved. The Russian / Ukrainian University syllabi are designed to help foster the  development of mature minds and student's independence and ability to formulate their own judgments. This ensures that students get a strong academic foundation to be able to pursue an education path that leads to becoming a qualified Doctor.


Session :  Each Academic session starts from September. For the  preparatory course  of Russian language for the  current year session the  students will  be admitted till November  and  for first year English Medium till October end.
Semester : There are two semesters in an academic year. September to January and February to June.

Classes  :    Daily  classes  are  conducted   between
8.30AM and 3.30PM Monday to Fridays. Each class will  comprise  of  a  groups  of  no  more  than  10 students. Weekly thrice common lectures are conducted for 10 group togther. Special classes on Saturdays may also be conducted as and when the need arises.

Examinations : First semester examinations are held usually in January followed by Second Semester in June.

Vacations :  Summer vacation – Between June and August (2 - 2 1/2 months) Winter vacation – January 15th to January 30th  (15 days). Students  are given full visa  support  to visit  India  during  both  the vacations. The above are  approximate dates, and may vary for different university.

Leave :   Apart from  the  above  vacations, special leave will be given as sick leave, emergency  leave, and maternity leave and visa support incase of trip to India for emergency.

Holidays :  Holidays include special festival days for Indian students like New Year, Diwali, Christmas, Easter, Ramzan, Holi,    Rangoli and other Russian/Ukrainian festive days

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Once the student pays his yearly Tuition and hostel fees to the University he is automatically entitled to the following facilities of the University.

Every student will get furnished hostel accommodation on two or three sharing  basis having the following facilities.

  • Furniture which includes bed, study table, visitors chairs, almirah, bookshelf, side table, etc.
  • Mattresses, blanket, bed sheets,  pillow, curtains, quilts etc.
  • Common   kitchen   with   all   amenities   except utensils
  • Common recreation centre
  • Electricity
  • Hot and cold water supply
  • Centralized  heaters to keep  the  hostel  rooms warm  during Winters  between   November  and March
  • 9 floor hostel with lift facilities
  • Every weekend the students get their bedspreads, blankets and pillow covers changed
  • Free books, course materials and printed lecture notes are given for all subjects. The lecture notes can  be  used  for all exam  preparation in India including the  screening  test and  PG entrance exams in all states of India.
  • Medical  facilities  including accident  insurance. (Upon payment of Medical insurance)
  • Free on call emergency ambulance services. (Emergency toll free no:-03)
  • Access to reading rooms, libraries and laboratories.
  • Access   to  all   the   training   and   recreational facilities, parks, museum, etc.
  • Access to sports  facilities (Gym, indoor stadium, Football stadium, swimming pools etc) and cultural complexes.
  • Access  to internet cafes  and  High speed  WIFI Internet (Upon subsidised payment as per student tariff)
  • Access to University ATM machines.
  • Arrangements  of  excursions   and   educational tours in Russia/Ukraine and European Countries.
  • 24 hours security in hostels.
  • Subsidized   canteens   including   South/North Indian Mess facilities ( Upon monthly payment of mess charges)
  • Students  are given full visa support to visit India during the summer vacations  (July 1st to September 10th)


  • Tuition fees are to be paid by the students directly to the University every year before 15th of September.
  • From the second year of the medical course, tuition fees could be paid in two equal semester instalments.
  • In case  of the  student’s failure to make  the  payment on time, the university has the right to expel the student without compensation of money already paid for training.


On a rough calculation the monthly expenses  for each  student  would  be  between Rs.3000  to Rs. 10,000  depending upon the place of study. It is advisable for each student to carry initially 500 US$ with him/her for food, communication, travel and other expenses. Monthly expenses could be sent on a monthly basis through authorized foreign exchange dealers or through direct bank transfers  or via International  VISA ATM cards  issued by private  as well as Government banks in India.

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