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Managing Director’s Message


NISSION style and substances stems from the vast personal experience that my husband and I have brought to the service. The brand is trusted for the quality of advice, breadth of thinking, our values of ethics and integrity and processes that are transparent and streamlined that are all interwoven into every aspect of our counseling. 

The company provides an end to end service that begins with sensible and informed discussions with students and parents and ends with taking the hassle out of the application process, getting the visas done and preparing for life at a distant university leaving students free to get on with their academics or leaving them free to enjoy some leisure time. 

The organization recognizes the pitfalls in studying overseas including the erstwhile USSR and strives to give a SAFE passage and medium for passionate students to study MBBS in Russian speaking countries and fulfil their ambition. One of the objectives in our counseling is to warn the student of the pitfalls in studying abroad and advice on how to avoid them. 

Today a middle class family cannot afford a Medical degree if not obtained meritoriously. Unrealistic competition and astronomical costs of medical education has crushed the ambitions of passionate students and their parents. 

At Nission Educational Consultants, we are concerned about our students’ welfare.Our relationships with universities allow us to resolve administrative issues during the course of their study abroad.We are proud to have a database of well satisfied parents who availed our services for their child’s medical admissions in the erstwhile USSR.

Counselling students is both an art and a science and NISSION brand has become synonymous with Russian Medical education and having counselled more than 22000 students while assisting more than 2200 students with the process of medical admissions during the past 15 years. As many as 70% of the students and parents come to us through referrals. 

Our trained human resource is a very important element of student interaction. Hence we pay a great deal of attention to investing in our people selection with a focus on training them. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff means our students interact with the best in the industry. Not surprisingly, a huge number of counselors and managers currently operating within the Russian education industry have been trained at NISSION 

My life experience has taught me that the secret to success is always to enjoy what one does. Our passion to assist young people in making informed and sensible decisions, to progress their Medical career path and in achieving their MBBS dreams to becomingsuccessful Doctors. Our reward is when students or parents tell us that we helped them succeed in their goals and lives.


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