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Chairman’s Message


Between my wife, Mrs.Angella Benedict the Managing Director of NISSION, and I, we alone carry over 30 years of experience that we acquired while studying, working hard and living overseas in countries like Russia, the U.K. and of course, India. When we add to that the experience of our wonderful staff, it is equivalent to around hundred years of knowledge. Who can match this first hand experience and knowledge that built and continues to build this company and its people? 

Benedict Prakash,
Chairman, Nission Educational Consultant

When I shifted base from the U.K. in the year 1999 to set up the company that was branded as NISSION in the market, the concept of “MBBS in RUSSIA” was frightening in South India and India as a whole. But due to its low cost of education, Russia was an MBBS option for middle class families. MBBS in INDIA was either expensive with donations and overheads or madly competitive. Having graduated myself as a Doctor from Russia and having lived for nearly 10 years in the soviet country, I introduced the concept of “SAFE passage” to Studying Medicine in Russia. Through intense counselling of parents and students through “Seminars” in the southern states of India, we explained not only the advantages but also the dangers involved in studying Medicine in Russia and how to avoid them. This campaign led to the current situation, and many will acknowledge this, where most districts if not taluks of the southern states in India now have Russian Doctors and Russian Medical Educational Consultants. The rest is history. 

The company continues to counsel both the students and the parents addressing any concerns or issues that they may have regarding their child's Medical career. Founded in the year 1999, NISSION on an average counsels over 3000 and assists more than 300 Indian students each year in pursuing their Medical education in the Russian speaking countries. 

We have a large, and ever-expanding, number of well-trained professionals that currently comprises of professional counsellors with solid experience. We have an expanding branch network in most states of India, that allows NISSION to deliver virtually any aspect of a student's medical education aspirations, including the managing of their applications, visa documentation, accommodation and settling-in process at all universities or educational institutions in the erstwhile USSR countries. 

Getting MBBS admission in Russia is very very easy. But to get in to the right university among the 100 universities available is most important and not easy. Because even a small mistake to get in to a wrong institution will cost you lot of money, time and even your whole career. Every student is Unique and every medical institution in erstwhile USSR is not the same with respect to accreditation, quality of education, cost of education, cost of living, culture and climate. 

Even if you are absolutely clear about what you want to do with your life, what course you want to study and where, just avail our services and let NISSION do it all for you leaving you completely free to focus on your studies or simply enjoy your free time. 

Otherwise, if you are in a state of confusion, having multiple choices or some other kind of constraints and need to use the full scope of services backed up by unmatched experience, come on in and we will help sort it all out for you. 

Either way, you will have the entire organization including all their experience at your disposal. You can avail our help any time that you may need to tap into this vast pool of knowledge and passion to help you build your life and fulfil your ambition to become a Doctor. 

We promise lifelong services to you out of goodwill that will continue long after you have left for your studies at a university or institution of your choice in the erstwhile USSR countries. We are truly global in our outlook and experience and my job is to always look beyond the horizon for you.

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