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Armenia Pricing

Details of University Fee for Studying in Armenia for the Academic Year 2019-2020

  • Medium of instruction is in English.
  • The student should pay the University fee directly to the University in US Dollars or its Representative Nission in Indian Rupees on or before the stipulated time.
  • One US Dollars is approximately 65 Indian rupees. Exchange rate may differ.
  • When a student pays the tuition fee in Full for the whole 5.8 years of study in a single payment, a discount on the tuition fees is applicable depending on the university.
  • The Hostel fee mentioned below is for basic hostels. Those who wish to get accommodated in premium hostels from the first year itself will have to pay the difference in hostel fees.
  • The student has to pay from 150-200 USD for Medical Insurance and visa extension each year apart from fee mentioned below.
  • Onetime immigration charges of 200-400 USD will be applicable for the first year only as per the present immigration laws of Russian federation.


5.8 Year Medical Course

First Year
Tution fee 5500 US$  (Rs. 5,44,000)
Hostel Fee 500   US$
Other miscellaneous fee 2500 US$
Total Fee 8500 US$
2nd to 6th year (each year)
Tuition Fee 2800 US$  (Rs. 1,92,000)
Hostel Fee 200   US$
Total fee 3000 US$
Total Fees for 5.8 years including Hostel fees 23500 US$  (Rs. 15,04,000)

( All the Universities Listed above are Listed for recognition in Medical Council of India after screening test)