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Kuban State Medical University

About Kuban State Medical University

Kuban State University is one of the largest scientific and educational centers in the South of Russia. Founded in September 1920, it has a 95-year history based on the best traditions of classical education and recognized achievements.

In 2015, the University consists of 17 faculties, the Institute of Primary and Secondary Vocational Education, postgraduate training programs (60 specialities) and a higher doctorate (19 specialities), 10 research institutes, the Institute of Testing Technology and General Further Education, the Professional Retraining and Advanced Training Institute.

Kuban State University, among 55 other leading universities of Russia, won the competition of strategic development programs and has been implementing the program for three years already. KubSU’s victory in the competition of student associations’ activity programs has allowed the University to rise to the new level of development of the student government and educational work with students.

Why to Study at Kuban State Medical University

Kuban State University (KubSU), the scientific and educational center of Kuban and South of Russia, is situated in Krasnodar. Kuban State University was founded in 1920 and is today one of the leading universities in the country. It is characterized by the high level of fundamental researches and constant improvement of educational process, due to the intensive science development.

The University has a wide range of international scientific and educational contacts with higher education institutions of the USA, Germany, England, France, Japan, China, Korea, Greece, Turkey, etc. At present it closely cooperates with over 65 foreign universities.

KubSU is the basic Russian University in the recently established Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) on the problems of science and technology. It is the only institution of higher education in the Russian Federation which has been elected a member of Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology - IRIS (USA). The University possesses unique research equipment such as a complex of heavy vibroseismic installations TV-100; the products of modern technological laboratories, like laser materials are purchased by the USA, Germany, Japan and other countries.

Its rating as a research and higher education institution is of high repute. The University has won all the existing types of international grants. Russian and foreign students studying in KubSU are involved in carrying out the researches within the framework of international grants. KubSU has numerous scientific and educational contacts with the Russian Academy of Science. It gives the University an opportunity to invite the most prominent Russian and foreign scientists and researchers to lecture and work on the joint scientific and research projects.

The University activities in the field of foreign students training are highly appreciated by the universities and colleges of the USA and Great Britain, the students of which (from 10 to 20 persons in a group) come to study at Kuban State University. Consequently, KubSU has been cooperating with the Associated Colleges of the Midwest and Great Lakes (USA), uniting 28 colleges and 2 universities for more than 13 years; it has been successfully carrying out the agreement on academic programs exchange with the University of Bristol (England) for 10 years. The University has created the conditions for international students' study and leisure that satisfy all the highest requirements. Due to the geographical situation of Krasnodar Territory (the center of southern Russia) Kuban State University gives foreign students a chance to study the history, culture, life and customs, traditions, habits and ways of different nations in the Northern Caucasus.

KubSU offers Russian and overseas students its comfortable holiday homes at the Black Sea coast to have a good rest and, if necessary, modern medical treatment after a hard work during the academic year.

Students who don't speak Russian at all are welcome to take the intensive preparatory courses of different duration in Russian. KubSU is the leading university of the country in the field of theory and methodology of teaching Russian. The University has two Councils awarding Ph.D. and Professorship in Linguistics, which give foreign students a certain advantage in obtaining the highest possible knowledge of Russian to be applied in any field of study.

Another benefit of Kuban State University is the possibility to get education in English. For the foreign students who do not speak Russian, in the University there are courses in computational mechanics, solid mechanics, applied mathematics, seismology, economics, history and a number of others in English provided by the English speaking instructors and lecturers or by means of simultaneous interpreting offered by the staff members and students of the Translation Department.

The educational and research programs as well as any other kind of activities are carried out regardless of any kind of discrimination: sex, race, religion, nationality, age, sexual orientation and disability.

Achievements of KUBSU

KubSU students receive 26 awards at the international Internet-competitions

The final phase of open international students Internet-competitions 2013-2014 academic year in ecology, computer sciences, statistics, structural performance of materials and theoretical mechanics is completed 2299 students from 215 universities and affiliated centers of the Russian Federation, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Slovenia participated in online computer-testing conducted in different educational institutions. KubSU students won 26 awards:  2 gold, 6 silver and 18 bronze medals.

KubSU received more President's and Government's scholarships

November 18. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation announced the results of the competition for the President's and Government's scholarships. The competition was meant for the students studying in higher educational institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Education of Russia. Among the winners there were 9 KubSU students. This is the largest number of scholars among all the Kuban universities

At Kuban State University there appeared a memorial sign

November 20. At the Faculty of Biology was opened a memorial sign dedicated to professor Vladimir YakovlevichNagalevski, Doctor of Biological Sciences. During 25 years he had been the Head of the department of biology and ecology of plants, for more than 20 years - the Dean of the Faculty of Biology.

KubSU Students at the Opening Ceremony of 2014 Winter Olympics

February 7. In Sochi took place the long-awaited event for the whole world - the Opening ceremony of the XXII Olympic Winter Games. 58 KubSU students became important participants of this ceremony and attracted the attention of hundreds of million people by performing in the arena of the stadium "Fisht" as actors of mass scenes.

The glorious hour of KubSU torchbearers

Olympic Torch Relay. in Krasnodar started February 4. Since the very morning KubSU torchbearers were greeted in the streets. Ones of the first to carry the Olympic Torch were Ekaterina Ishkova, the head of the KubSU volunteer center and Nadezhda Kokhanova, student of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology, volunteer of 2012 Summer Paralympic in London (top-5 of the best Russian volunteers), volunteer of 2014 Winter Olympics.

Mikhail BorisovichAstapov, the Rector of KubSU, finished the baton of the torchbearers and carried the torch along our alma mater - on the route of the Olympic flame to the Theater Square of the city.

Research Division

Kuban State University is a classical establishment, with fundamental research as the main activity. It possesses a complex of research facilities unrivalled in the Krasnodar territory. The research carried out here is centered at the research and innovation departments incorporating:

  • 16 research institutes and science centers
  • an industrial park
  • 7 educational, scientific and production complexes
  • a subdivision of the Southern Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences comprising 4 laboratories and 2 University departments
  • 5 innovative scientific and educational centers
  • an international Earth Studies center
  • a geophysical testing ground
  • an optical astrophysical observatory
  • a seismological laboratory, housing the Krasnodar branch of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, providing weekly seismological forecasts for the area.


Kuban State University welcomes international students and is generally able to provide accommodation for all new international students without dependants. Students reside at Kuban State University in dormitory rooms. The dormitories are situated on the University Campus. The four room apartments are up to date facilities and offer the opportunity to integrate into the University and interact closely with Russian students. International students live in separate apartments which consist of four rooms. One room is intended for two-three persons.

The University will give special consideration to cultural and religious needs but cannot guarantee that all international students will be accommodated in single rooms. 
The University also has a limited number of apartments for couples or families with up to two young children which are reserved for international students. Students should contact the International Affairs Department as soon as possible to check on availability.

For food-supplying the University has some cafeterias, student-canteen and bars. But students can go shopping and cook their own meal which is possible with the facilities provided in the dormitories.

There is also a Home stay Program for students who wish to experience Russian family life. This experience facilitates language learning and provides direct contact with Russian culture. Families vary in size and composition and can be as diverse as a single child or a couple with two-five children. Students take breakfast and dinner each day with their host family.

If a student does not intend to be accommodated both in dormitories and in a Russian family the University can offer him/her assistance in finding accommodation in the private rented sector.

While completing the application form - questionnaire- you should indicate your preferences in appropriate box: whether you prefer living in a dormitory or in a family

KubSU Library

A brief history. The history of the Library is inseparable from the history of the University which was established in 1920. The first Head of the University, an outstanding scholar and a pedagogue, NikandrAleksandrovich Marx, was sure that “a higher educational institution cannot exist without competent scientists and scholars and a good collection of books”.

The library comprises 16 departments / divisions and 11 libraries in the service of the University numerous affiliations in Novorossijsk, Abinsk, Gelendjik and other towns of the Krasnodar territory.

The Library meets the needs of more than 29 000 readers (students, post-graduate students and professors and lecturers of the University). The Library personnel includes more than 120 librarians, 80% of them being the professionals with higher education.

The University fund houses more than 1 mln 200 thousand printed items consisting of books of fiction, scientific, academic and foreign literature, periodicals and journals.

The Library takes pride in the collection of rare books published in the XYII – XXI c.c.

The Library has 7 reading rooms and 500 places for readers. There are libraries attached to faculties, often consisting of modern specialized literature (professionally biased textbooks, manuals and periodicals).

The Library is one of the centres of the university students* activities. The forms of the Library communication with its readers are actually various: debating clubs, exhibitions of books, literary thematic reviews, presentations of new books, meetings with writers and journalists.

KubSU& Mass Media

In 2014 KubSU launched an informational portal connecting all the information systems which are used to secure various university activities (informational requirements database, containing 57,902 documents; ADS (Application Campaign) "The PriemnayaKampanija" processing the data of applicants, research and intellectual property databases, etc.), the possibilities of which tend to expand;

Due to the efficiency of data reporting it became possible to  broaden contacts with users of the KubSU information portal, the page traffic of which has increased significantly compared with the year 2013.

KubSU informational portal serves to attract applicants, foreign students and teachers, further vocational education students, increases the amount of Russian and foreign partners as well as effective implementation of KubSU scientists' scientific research for the students’ practice in Russian and foreign companies; it is also used to increase the demand for University graduates as well as to attract students to participate in socially significant events of various levels;

Almost all major municipal and regional mass media represent materials concerning all fields of KubSU activity; the amount of publications has increased significally taking into consideration of the fact of participation in 2014 Winter Olympics the highest number of volunteers trained by the volunteer center of KubSU. Students performed in mass scenes of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Local communities and media paid great attention to their activity.

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